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Omelet with Summer Vegetables by Phyllis from Michigan

Phyllis had an interest in nutrition, but “becoming a dietitian was a career change for me,” she says. In addition to wanting to teach people about the affect food can have on their health, she had a very personal reason for choosing her new job.  “My late mother had diabetes and chronic kidney disease, so my interest automatically focused on renal treatment.”

DaVita’s team spirit is only one of the reasons that Phyllis enjoys her work. The positive difference she makes in people’s lives is very rewarding.  But her center is also special to her because, “I was actually the second employee hired here when it was a brand new unit. We opened our doors to patients almost sixteen years ago, and I’ve watched us grow from two patients to currently almost 140,” she happily explains.

A Michigan native and graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Phyllis likes the challenge of “helping patients understand things they cannot actually see—such as phosphorus and potassium—and helping people learn how these things will impact their health,” she says. These types of ideas aren’t easy to explain, but Phyllis seems to be doing just fine. “I like teaching the patients about nutrition and helping them to make the best choices that will allow them to maintain a rewarding lifestyle,” she says. Seeing her patients improve as their dialysis begins to take effect and they begin to feel better, makes Phyllis feel better too.

Try Phyllis’ Omelet with Summer Vegetables and see if you feel better too.


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