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8 Mind-Body-Spirit Tips for Living Well on In-Center Dialysis

Living Well on In-Center Dialysis
If you are new to in-center dialysis with DaVita, you may still be getting used to the routine of going to treatments three days a week. But after a few visits, you may notice that you are starting to feel better and are still able to enjoy life with kidney disease. You also can make a big difference in how you feel with some simple actions yourself.


1. Engage your interests – Grab a book, break out a game or surprise a friend with a letter. Any interest that engages your brain gives it a boost. Think of things you've enjoyed in the past or explore ideas online or at your library.

2. Find peace of mind – Understanding what's happening with your body can help you feel more at ease. Being in the know also gives you a better sense of control when it comes to treatment decisions. Review the Education section of and ask your doctor about other resources.


3. Pay attention to your plate – Every meal (and snack) plays a big part in how well your body functions and feels. Work with your dietitian to develop a meal plan that's best for you. Also, remember to take your medications as directed and regularly review your lab work with your doctor and dietitian so they can work with you to make diet and medication adjustments as needed.

4. Make a move – Physical activity can improve your health and lower your risk for additional health issues. Being active can help lift your mood and help fight symptoms of depression. If you can't get outside or to a health club, tackle your housework, take the stairs or park at the back of the lot. The more you move, the better you may feel.

5. Stay dedicated to dialysis – Getting your blood as clean as possible is key to living well with kidney disease. Make sure you keep your dialysis appointments and stay for your entire treatment.


6. Grow professionally or personally – Whether it's a job, a class or volunteering, doing something productive can make you feel great. Think about your interests; then talk with your social worker about finding opportunities that interest you.

7. Create real connections – Tune into your social life. Is it filling your soul—and not just your calendar? Surround yourself with people who provide you with genuine encouragement, support and fun. Turn to family, old and current friends or social networks such as the myDaVita Forum.

8. Take time for yourself – It can be difficult to break away from life's demands, but now more than ever, it's important to find "me time." Think about past interests and activities that gave you a lift or peaceful feeling, or test out that hobby you've always wanted to try. Then make an appointment with yourself – and keep it.

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