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Kidney care begins with Kidney Smart®

Kidney smart educator

Learn more and get your questions answered in a no-cost kidney education class.

Your In-Center Support Team 

Your In-Center Support Team

Your DaVita® in-center dialysis care team includes highly trained professionals devoted to helping you live a quality life on dialysis. They work together to deliver the care, education and support you need.

Your nephrologist

Nephrologists are doctors specializing in kidneys. Your nephrologist prescribes and monitors your care, and visits you during dialysis treatments. During these visits, she or he sees how well you're doing on dialysis and makes any necessary treatment changes.

Your care technician 

Your technician cares for you before, during and after your dialysis treatment. You will likely spend the most time with this care-team member.

Your dialysis nurse 

Your nurse administers your dialysis treatments along with your care technician. Your nurse can assist you with resources, educate you on ways to stay healthy (including maintaining your access), answer questions, and work with you to help make sure you get the most from your treatment.

Your dietitian

Your dietitian plays an important role in helping you improve your health. After all, what you eat and drink greatly affects your body—especially during dialysis treatment. Your dietitian will develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your lab reports, then provide you and your family with kidney education and diet tips.

Your social worker 

Your social worker helps you adjust to life with the addition of in-center dialysis. After assessing the social and medical aspects of your day-to-day, he or she will help address any concerns you have about the transition, and provide resources for additional support.

Your insurance specialist

Your insurance specialist can help provide resources and answers for insurance concerns you may have, including financial resources that may help pay for treatment and medications. Call 1-855-5-Dialysis for assistance or fill out the form.

Your facility administrator 

Your facility administrator (FA) is in charge of the dialysis center and oversees daytime operations.

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Kidney Care Begins with Kidney Smart®

Learn more and get your questions answered in a no-cost kidney education class.

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