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In-Center Hemodialysis: Dialysis Care during the Day

You have many dialysis treatment options, one of which is in-center hemodialysis. With this treatment, you schedule three four-hour treatments per week at a kidney dialysis center that’s fully staffed by a personalized care team. Some people prefer to go to a dialysis center for treatment because:

  • Treatment is administered by trained kidney care professionals.
  • They enjoy social interactions with fellow dialysis patients and staff.
  • Dialysis is only three times a week, leaving four free days.

After talking with your nephrologist, you may determine that in-center hemodialysis is right for your lifestyle.

How does in-center hemodialysis work?

Once you arrive at the dialysis center, the healthcare team—from the nurse to the facility administrator—will take care of all aspects of treatment.

First, your access area will be washed by a patient care technician (PCT). Once that’s complete, you will be weighed and escorted to your dialysis chair. Your standing and sitting blood pressure will be taken and a dialysis nurse will check your vitals before connecting you to the dialysis machine.

The typical dialysis session is four hours. During that time your care team will monitor your blood pressure and the dialysis machine’s performance. When the dialysis treatment time is up, they will disconnect you from the dialysis machine and record your vital signs again.

What can I do while I dialyze at a center?

You are free to read, watch television, work or play on your laptop, talk to other patients and care team members, sleep—whatever activity you can do from the dialysis chair. All DaVita® dialysis centers offer free Wi-Fi for people who want to be online during in-center treatments.

Who is taking care of me at the dialysis center?

You spend a lot of time—and place a lot of trust—with the people who care for you. A supportive kidney healthcare team can help make your experience more pleasant. At DaVita®, you’ll receive personal care and attention from a highly trained team of professionals that wants to help you maximize your quality of life.

Mason, an in-center hemodialysis patient, says he sees the dialysis care team as an extension of his family.

“The dialysis center plays such an important role in our lives that I don’t think many of the team members realize the full extent of the influence they have in our lives,” he says. “The smiles, the jokes and laughter give us strength to go on.”

Is there a dialysis center near me?

DaVita has more than 2,000 outpatient dialysis centers located throughout the United States. As the largest independent provider of dialysis services in the United States, chances are good there will be a DaVita dialysis center near your home or work. Call DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-424-6589 or go to Find a Dialysis Center to locate a center near you.

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